Monday, December 10, 2012

Bur Oak Growing Study

Several bur oaks were recently planted in Waverly as part of a root-quality study designed to compare nursery growing methods and their adaptability to the landscape. Production methods being evaluated include direct seeding of acorns; traditional plastic containers (10gal); RootMaker™ root trapper bags (7gal); 12” RootMaker™ knit fabric bag; and B&B. Three samples of each have been planted - except B&B which will go in next spring. All trees are planted about 10’ apart in the existing city/school nursery. Growth rates will be recorded annually and root systems will be excavated by air-spade in future years to evaluate for things such as circling, girdling, lateral growth, radial spacing and depth.

15 Gal. traditional plastic containers.
10 Gal. Root Trapper(TM) grow bags.
Plastic container root system
Root Trapper(TM) root system

Planting site - Waverly school nursery.

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