Monday, September 16, 2013

Columbus Project Demonstrates Waterwise Plantings

The Columbus Chamber of Commerce got a grant from Nebraska Statewide Arboretum and Nebraska Environmental Trust (NET) to put in a waterwise project this summer and it’s looking great, so stop by if you’re near.

This large rain garden, designed to capture and filter roof and other runoff, was constructed and installed “on the hottest day of the year” by  Katie Pekarek, Kelly Feehan and Christina Hoyt. The chamber planted many of the plants themselves (in July!) and managed to keep them alive and doing well through the worst of this summer’s heat.
Lawn areas planted with fescue and buffalograss have access to automatic irrigation but a water sensor was installed so even the turf areas should require a minimum of water.
Thanks to the funding from Nebraska Environmental Trust and all the good work done by the UNL Extension Stormwater Team, Kelly Feehan, local contractors, Chamber of Commerce, donations, Columbus Parks Department and many volunteers, the project is off to a good start. The Chamber reports that people are stopping in and complimenting them on the landscape, and Christina Hoyt says it “should be a fun project to watch over the years.”
Existing landscape was a
"blank slate" to start with.

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  1. Hi Karma, Seeing all that dirt and new plants gets me excited. I hope everything grows well.