Monday, November 25, 2013

Favorite type of Christmas tree?

Karma Larsen

I have a strong suspicion that, for most of us, our favorite types of Christmas trees are the ones we remember from our youth—when trees were bigger, sparklier, more magical than anything we’ve seen since.
       So what’s your favorite?  Fir, pine, spruce?
       Or, if you grew up at a time when there wasn’t money for buying anything unnecessary and getting a Christmas tree meant one less redcedar filling up the ditches at the side of the road, maybe it’s a redcedar?
       I confess it’s my favorite. What other tree comes with its own beautiful blue berries, is airy enough to let ornaments visibly dangle between its horizontal layers and can be gotten for free from almost anyone with a pasture?
       We would cut one out of the pasture or roadside at Thanksgiving, and then place it in water in the garage to let it green up for a few weeks before Christmas. I don’t know whether it was the warmer temperatures or the green food color my parents added to the water, but the trees always greened up quite a bit by Christmas. (Note: if anyone in your family is allergic to pollen, dust or mold, they can be hosed off before bringing them in.)
       So before you head off in search of the perfect Christmas tree, take a good look at your neighbor’s pasture and put your money in the next Salvation Army bucket you see instead. Thanksgiving greetings, friends!

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