Tuesday, February 25, 2014

An Evergreen for Tight Spaces

Hardiness of Redcedar Takes on Elegant Form in Taylor Juniper

Near the town of Taylor in central Nebraska, a unique variation of eastern redcedar was discovered in 1978. It’s a narrow, very upright tree growing to 25' tall and just 3' wide, not at all the irregular shape of most redcedars.
        It looks like it belongs in a formal French garden rather than a prairie but it’s as disease-resistant and tolerant of a wide variety of soil and environmental conditions as common redcedar. With a mass of native grass at its feet, it’s at home in the country, but it has proven hardy in tough urban sites such as narrow planting beds next to brick walls and concrete. It even offers the bonus of beautiful silvery-blue juniper berries.
        Long-lived groupings of Taylor junipers can be found in several places throughout the University of Nebraska-Lincoln campus. With such a narrow, vertical form it needs to be carefully integrated into a landscape design but in the right places, it can soften urban landscapes and provide year-round green in narrow spaces around tall buildings.
Taylor Junipers at Lincoln's Pioneers Park and the state capitol

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